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What computer or laptop specs to use as a Virtual Assistant

Finding a good computer or laptop is essential when you are a Virtual Assistant. A lot of tasks run in the background such as browsers, tools, software, and web apps will slow down your device. For Virtual Assistant laptop specs or Virtual Assistant computer requirements (Desktop), you must look for good specifications. You can buy second-hand, or brand-new, but in my case, I bought a second-hand laptop as a backup just in case I need to go somewhere.

4 tips to buy a laptop/computer for Virtual Assistant PC requirements:

  1. Processor Count: A quad-core processor with a minimum of 2.8GHz will do the job if you are just about to start. If you saved some pesos and would like to upgrade, 3.0GHz and above is good for multiple tasks and it can run multiple apps.
  2. RAM: Minimum of 8GB, but I would suggest to get at least 16GB of RAM. Clients might give you simultaneous web apps and they need to have a bigger RAM to run them smoothly.
  3. GPU: Get at least 2GB of separate graphics card rather than relying on a built-in motherboard card. I would also recommend a minimum of 4GB and up if you have a task that comes with video editing or AI Generating software. 
  4. SSD: If you bought the computer second-hand or brand new, some might give you an HDD which is slow in this era. So I would suggest you get an SSD minimum of 128GB. HDD copies 30 to 150 MB per second, but SSD can perform 500 MB per second. This helps and makes your computer fast when turning on, or opening an app.
  5. Internet Speed: A PLDT fiber connection with at least 100MBPS will do the job, but in my setup, I love the 400MPBS and up. The 400MBPS plan price is not that high compared to the 100MBPS, so I still suggest getting more speed like 400MBPS and up.

Others to be followed if you might wish to add them soon like a computer monitor with a higher refresh rate, fancy keyboards and mouse for ergonomic performance, and other accessories that will make your Virtual Assistance task comfortable.

My main current computer setup is Ryzen-3 (4-cores) 3.5GHz combined with 16GB RAM 2666MHz and GTX 1050ti Graphics Card with an SSD of 256GB. I am satisfied with this setup. But if I find a client soon that requires a higher computer specification to run the tools/apps simultaneously, then my current setup is upgradable to a higher Ryzen processor and RAM capacity

So basically if you are on a tight budget, start with the minimum specs and upgrade them later on if you notice some drastic performance drop over time when doing multiple tasks.

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